Top 10 Reasons the Kochs Want Keystone


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1. POTENTIAL PROFITS: The proposed Keystone XL pipeline’s rejection could cause a “death spiral” in Kochs’ tar sands investment, whereas its approval could double the family fortune.
Koch Potential Profits from KXL
2. EXACERBATING EMISSIONS: Keystone’s rejection could keep Koch from profiting on their nearly twenty billion metric tons of potential carbon emissions buried under ground in Canada rather than burned as tar sands in our global atmosphere.
Koch Exacerbating CO2 Emissions

3. KOCH ASSETS: Koch has had a fifty-year family bet that they could cash in on Canadian crude oil and is already positioned at the most profitable points along the tar sands supply chain, but without Keystone, tar sands investments could go into a “death spiral.”

4. TAR SANDS LEASES: Koch has close to two million acres in the tar sands territory of Alberta, Canada that could become “stranded assets” without the Keystone XL pipeline. Other US oil companies aren’t nearly as at risk as Koch to Keystone’s failure.

5. KOCH ACREAGE IN ALBERTA: Koch has more acreage in Alberta than the top US oil companies, Chevron, Exxon, and Conoco, combined.
Koch Tar Sands Acreage

6. KOCH’S NET WORTH IS DRIVEN BY OIL DERIVATIVES: The Kochs have already made billions of dollars from oil derivatives trading based on their insider’s industry knowledge, and have the potential to make even more with tar sands.

7. THE KOCHTOPUS: The Kochs have invested in a complex and extensive political network to push for Keystone. The pipeline’s approval is part of the pay-off Koch expects for its investment.

8. KOCH CASH FOR KEYSTONE XL: The Kochs have given more than $53 million to think tanks and front groups who support the construction of the pipeline. Koch-funded think tanks and political organizations have released nearly 1,000 pro-KXL reports or statements, and Koch wants their investment in these front groups to pay-off.

9. KOCH CASH FOR CONGRESS: The Kochs gave over a million dollars in career campaign contributions to dozens of Senators who have advocated for Keytone XL and now Koch wants Congress to deliver.

10. KOCH VERSUS WORKERS: The Kochs could make over one million times more than the average Keystone XL construction worker over the lifetime of the project. Koch needs Americans to know that the some jobs will be created, even though it will exacerbate income inequality.

For all these reasons and more, IFG urges the President to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline.

To take action, please sign the UNITY LETTER against the Keystone XL Pipeline, in partnership with and other organizations.

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