The Truth About Diego Garcia: 50 Years of Fiction About an American Military Base

Diego Garcia

Originally published on Monday, June 15, 2015 on By David Vine The U.S. military facility on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean represents a horrific example of the human costs of war and imperialism. First, they tried to shoot the dogs. Next, they tried to poison them with strychnine. When both failed as efficient killing methods, British government agents and U.S. Navy […]

Islanders Unite to Resist a New Pacific War

The U.S. military's "Pacific Pivot" is bringing grave environmental, political and economic crises to Asia-Pacific islanders.

by Koohan Paik Last September, I attended a remarkable gathering in Okinawa of impassioned young people from all over the Asia-Pacific. They convened at a critical moment to urgently discuss ramped-up militarism in their region. Thousands of hectares of exquisitely wild marine environments, peaceful communities and local democracy are now under extreme threat. Participants hailed from: Taiwan; Jeju (South Korea); the Japanese Ryukyu islands; Indonesia; […]

IFG Special Report: Koch Cash’s Impact on the Global South


by Stephanie Kumar In June 2013, there was a Himalayan tsunami that killed thousands of people. According to figures provided by the Uttarakhand government, 5,700 people were “presumed dead”; the floods wiped out the entire Hindu town of Kedarnath. Prior studies say dozens of houses were smashed and hundreds of religious pilgrims were swept away when a lake above the eighth century Kedarnath Temple burst […]

Trade Matters: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)—Impacts on Food and Farming


Center for Food Safety Report Warns TTIP Could Undermine Critical Food Safety and Environmental Regulations May 14th, 2014 CFS International Programs Director to Brief Congress Center for Food Safety (CFS) today released a report examining the potential food and farming impacts of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a broad trade agreement currently under negotiation by the United States and the European Union. CFS […]

IPRs on Seed and Climate Change; Corporate Enclosures and the Recovery of the Commons through Seed Freedom


Seeds of Freedom Apr 23, 2014 The Asian Age by IFG Board Member Vandana Shiva The jurisprudence of intellectual property rights related to life forms is, in fact, a jurisprudence of ‘Bio Nullius’ — life empty of intelligence. The Earth is defined as dead matter. For thousands of years farmers, especially women, have evolved and bred seed freely with the help of nature to increase the […]

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: A Matter of Life and Death


SouthViews, No. 103, 8 April 2014, By Martin Khor Of all the issues currently being negotiated on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, none are more important than the ability of patients to get life-saving medicines at affordable prices, which many fear may be a victim of the agreement. If you or some family members or friends suffer from cancer, hepatitis, AIDs, asthma or other […]

Acclaimed Film Director Oliver Stone Joins Resistance Rallies Vs. Controversial Military Base Sites in Pacific

Copyright Alex Maclean/Landslides

Acclaimed U.S. film director, Oliver Stone, visited Korea and Japan in August 2013 to lend support to citizens opposed to base-building in their nations, as well as the use of nuclear weapons. He visited Jeju Island, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Tokyo and Okinawa. While on Jeju Island, where the South Korean and U.S. governments are building a huge, state-of-the-art navy base that will house aircraft carriers, destroyers […]